My 60-Year-Old Brother has Never Seen ‘Star Wars.’ Help!

Erin writes: My brother Joel is 60, and I’m 52. But despite growing up in the ’70s, Joel never saw the original “Star Wars.” Now he refuses to, because “sci-fi is dumb.” Please order that he watch it with me on his next visit. I will even provide the gummies if needed!

As I settled in this column recently, “Star Wars” is not science fiction, but fantasy. But even if I were wrong (I’m not), he should still watch it. Joel will probably claim to hate it, since he’s already sunk half a century and his whole personality, apparently, into being a cranky “Star Wars” contrarian. But secretly he’ll like it, because it’s a very fun movie that also happens to have completely reshaped the cultural imagination of planet Earth. (But since you brought it up, a fun prank might be to double the gummies and say he’s watching “Star Wars,” but then show him the “Star Wars Holiday Special” instead, and watch his brain break.)

John Hodgman is the host of the “Judge John Hodgman” podcast.

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