Popcast Mailbag! Frank Ocean, Peso Pluma, A.I. Grimes and More

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The Popcast crew assembles for a semiannual mailbag episode, touching on many of the pressing pop music issues of the moment, including the controversy surrounding Frank Ocean’s Coachella set; the challenges faced by even the biggest pop stars (Sam Smith, Miley Cyrus) trying to follow massive singles; the sudden arrival of artificial intelligence in pop music and evolving notions of authorship; the startling recent growth in the popularity and visibility of música Mexicana and corridos tumbados, with stars like Grupo Frontera and Peso Pluma; and how the framework of genre continues to have meaning even in a universal-jukebox universe.


  • Jon Pareles, The New York Time’s chief pop music critic

  • Joe Coscarelli, The New York Times’s pop music reporter

  • Lindsay Zoladz, The New York Times’s pop music critic

  • Caryn Ganz, The New York Times’s pop music editor

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