Videos show reported explosions near Luhansk.

Two explosions were reported Friday near the city of Luhansk, capping off a volatile day in the pro-Moscow separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine.

Multiple videos posted to the Telegram app showed what appeared to be a large, distant fire illuminating the night sky.

Several of the cellphone videos that recorded the scene were filmed around midnight, The New York Times confirmed. One video, filmed from an apartment building in Luhansk, showed the fire in the north of the city, in the direction of a gas pipeline and a gas compressor station.

Tatyana Bogorodko, the director general of Luganskgaz, a state-run local gas supplier, blamed the explosions on sabotage, according to pro-Russian news outlets, but she did not specify who she believed was responsible.

Other videos, filmed shortly after midnight on Saturday local time, showed damage to a pipeline. The cause of the damage was unclear.

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