A Choice of Mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival

It’s a good month before the Mid-Autumn Festival (Sept. 10), also called the Moon Festival, is celebrated in Asia‌n communities. But to avoid less than a full mooncake supply for the occasion, observers often gather theirs in advance. Lady M, the bakery known for elaborate pastries, is ready with Chinese-style mooncakes in a new Glowing Lights Mooncake Gift Set, made in collaboration with Kee Wah Bakery in Los Angeles, a specialist. The set has six cakes in three flavors: Earl Grey, caramel-coffee‌, ‌and purple yam custard. In Taiwan the mooncakes are often different, pale and domed with a red stamp on top. At Té Company, which serves Taiwanese teas, they’re made to order with a filling of mung bean paste, sold in a package of six.

Lady M Glowing Lights Mooncake Gift Set, $78, at now, and at Lady M boutiques starting Friday; Té Company Taiwanese Mooncakes, $25 for six, 163 West 10th Street (Seventh Avenue South), 929-335-3168,

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