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Are You a Second-Home Person?

A Home Away From Home Could Be Perfect for You If …

You understand the importance of being organized. You make lists to ensure that you don’t have two jars of turmeric in the city and none in the country (and vice versa). You listened very carefully and took appropriate action when a knowledgeable source told you it was necessary to book at least a month ahead for a table at a popular restaurant on Saturday night, and three months ahead for a Pilates class on Saturday morning, during high season.

You’re not much of a traveler. Of course, you have to factor in the time it takes to get from your primary residence to your second home. But it’s a way to have a change of scenery without packing a large suitcase or getting anywhere near an airport.

You want to be near nature but strictly on your own terms. To own a second home is to have the great outdoors but to have it in proximity to the great indoors.

You love being a host. You love feeding and boarding a crowd, and chances are you’ll have more room to do so at your second home than at your primary residence. And now, at long last, you can reciprocate the generosity of people who bought a second home before you did.

You’re a D.I.Y. person. A second home will give you plenty of opportunities to demonstrate your skills because you can absolutely depend on the fact that something is about to break (if it hasn’t already), just as you can depend on the fact that the plumber/electrician/odd-job person is booked solid until after Labor Day. And perhaps because this is your first time owning a garage, you suddenly have room for a wide array of tools. Home Depot, here you come.

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