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Quartz stone or quartz crystal is one of the hardest minerals in nature. Quartz stone, which is one of the most abundant and most common precious stones on the earth’s surface, is resistant to both mechanical and chemical wear. The richest deposits of quartz, which is the most valuable among the quartz stones that are mostly mined in Brazil and Madagascar, are in Brazil.

Among the quartz stone types, Morion, which is black in color and also known as smoky quartz, is mined in Turkey. Smoky quartz and mountain crystal (transparent quartz) are common in the villages of Balıkesir and Aydın. Quartz stone, which is used by different sectors, is frequently used in homes for decoration purposes. It is seen in kitchen and bathroom counters, counters, laboratories and workplaces. After answering your question, what is quartz, if you are wondering what are the properties of quartz stone and how it is used in countertops, let’s take a closer look!

How Is Quartz Stone Formed?

We know more or less what quartz is, let’s answer your question about how quartz stone is formed. Oxygen and silicon elements form the structure of quartz stone, the majority of which is formed in and around volcanic rocks. It is mined in Brazil and Giresun in Turkey. Quartz is generally found as a gangue mineral in fault areas, fissures, filaments and ore deposits in Turkey. Other countries with reserves include the United States, China, and India.

Quartz, which approaches the hardness of diamond, which is 10 Mohs on the Mohs hardness scale, with 7 Mohs hardness, meets the needs of different sectors thanks to this feature.

What are the Properties of Quartz Stone?

Before we talk about the advantages of Çimstone quartz countertops, it is useful to mention the different properties of quartz stone. Quartz, which has been used in the treatment field since ancient times, is among the natural stones used for treatment today. Quartz stone, which has a natural energy, is especially known for eliminating negative energy. Quartz, which collects and spreads positive energy to the environment it is in, is also effective in making the person think positively.

Quartz countertops sterling va, which is also recommended for those who have difficulty in concentration and focus, reduces these complaints. Quartz, which is one of the stones with the highest energy, ensures to stay away from malicious people when it comes into direct contact with the skin. Quartz, which makes you feel stronger and more energetic, allows individuals to be more emotionally balanced. It also keeps you away from negative emotions such as anger, jealousy and anger. Those who have headaches will not have such a problem as long as they carry the quartz stone with them. Among the properties of quartz stone, there is also the ability to relax the digestive system and easily remove the gases in the stomach.

Colors Envying Nature Come to Life in Çimstone Quartz Countertops…

Of course, it is not only beneficial to health among the properties of quartz stone. Quartz is also frequently preferred as kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops. Quartz countertop models are produced by the world’s most famous countertop brands. One of them is Çimstone. Çimstone offers stylish, robust and hygienic countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. At least 93% of quartz countertops are made suitable for use by compressing quartz with a small amount of polyester resin binder or white cement binder pigments.

Cimstone quartz countertops, which show high scratch and abrasion resistance thanks to the 7 mohs hardness mineral that makes up their structure, are not scratched by metal or similar materials, and show a lifetime of wear resistance even in areas with heavy circulation. Çimstone quartz countertop models, which have high bending and impact resistance, do not easily crack or break during operations such as cutting or transportation.

Quartz kitchen counters, bathroom counters, counters, restaurant counters, tables in educational institutions, laboratories come with useful models in independent areas. If you want to get detailed information about Çimstone quartz countertop types and prices, you can contact our sales teams. You can also get information about the granite showroom.

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